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      Customised Hotel Door Locks For Access Control

      Personalisation Available Upon Request 



      Messersmitt, being the owners of their own production facility In Germany means we can produce bespoke one of a kind on door and wall reader access control designs for your hotel; whilst maintaining the highest level of access control technology.


      Personalised Door Locks

      Our partnership with HAFI has allowed us to collaborations with designers like Porsche and Swarovski to create unique door locks for luxury themed hotels.



      • Custom Design
      • LED Customisation
      • Choice of Materials 
      • Choice of colours 
      • Handle Shape 
      • Collaboration Opportunities 
      Customised Hotel Door Locks

      Personalised Wall Readers

      Our on wall door locks can also be personalised to match your hotels interior design, sketched into the tempered glass via laser technology.



      • Custom Design 
      • Choice Of Colours
      • LED Customisation 
      • Customised Optics


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