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Guest room management systems & guest digital solutions to reduce operational costs, increase guest room revenue, and enhance guest experience



      Mobile Key App For The Smart Hotel Solution 

      The Secure Digital Smart Key Platform 


      Mobile Key

      Messerschmitt's Mobile Key App compliments your smart hotels access control giving the mobile key a safe & secure platform to enhance the guest experience. 


      How the App Works: 

      1. Download and Registration -  The app is available to download on Android and iOS. For registration your guest will need a valid email address and password for verification.

      2. Check In -  After registration your guest will be sent and email notification. Follow the instructions, start the app and sign in. The room number will be visible on the display screen.  

      3. Open Guest Room - Tap the open door button on the mobile device when you have arrived at your door. You key data will be transmitted and the door will open.  


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