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      The O-Key, Zero Plastic Organic RFID Keycard 

      The Safe and Secure Organic Keycard 



      The Messersmitt O-Key is a one visit use RFID keycard. This hygienic solution not only protects your guests but also the environment from any plastic pollution as we lead the eco-friendly revolution in safety and security. 

      0-Key RFID Keycard


      • Made from sustainably sourced biodegradable Ginkgo wood with eco-friendly printing.

      • Equal level of security as traditional PVC cards with fast replacements due to production in the EU. 

      • Antibacterial properties that minimises check in contamination with no need for check out contact.   

      • O-Key cards boost a permanent 10% price advantage compared to standard PVC Keycards.

      • Promote your brand with custom keycard printing. Not only a memento of your guests stay, but also a powerful marketing tool for hotel promotions.


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