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      Design 331

      The concept of Design 331 by Porsche combines elegance & modernity to be the first door handle manufactured under HAFI, and integrated with Messerschmitt invisible line technology.


      The Messersmitt sensor-controlled locking system allows contactless room access, while Design 331 design manufactured by HAFI embraces the sleek aesthetic design of Porsche; with a geometric shape that follows the natural position of the thumb through a flowing curve.


      Originally designed to be used within Porsche Hotels, the exterior of Design 331 has been sand blasted whilst the inner surface is high gloss polish for a long life fitting.    


      Messerschmitt's recently formed partnership with HAFI allows your hotel to have a fully customisable door handle that has attention to detail; creating a door lock that is complete and unique to your hotel brand & location.

      Luxury Hotel Door Handle Designed ByPorsche

      Messerschmitt's invisible line technology allows full focus to be placed upon the stunning appearance of Design 331 as the contactless technology is imbedded within the guest door itself. 


      The sensor controlled looking systems can be both RFID and BLE technology to allow close range guest & staff access through MIFARE RFID cards, Messerschmitt organic key cards or mobile devices. 


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