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Guest room management systems & guest digital solutions to reduce operational costs, increase guest room revenue, and enhance guest experience



      Sustainable And Eco-friendly Solutions For Hotels

      Reducing Carbon Emissions & Increasing Guest Room Revenue



      Whilst COP26 is reinforcing a global commitment to reduce carbon emissions. We at Yeames Hospitality are making a hospitality commitment to a sustainable future for the hotel sector.


      Cop26 is changing the modern day hotel. But what does this mean, and what does the modern day hotel look like when it comes to technology and a sustainability driven investment? 


      With the prospect of microplastics, carbon emissions rising and energy prices to surge. This may be too much for our planet and your hotel operational costs.  


      Messerschmitt have been innovating technology with this very thought in mind for decades. Our superior smart solutions are making the less affective traditional card box and plastic Keycards redundant in favour for maximum energy saving systems and zero plastic Keycards.

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      Carbon Friendly Supply Chain 

      By using sustainably sourced materials located in Germany and not having to rely on third party influence from Asia. Logistical emissions to our production factory in Nuremburg are kept to an absolute minimum.


      We continue this theme when shipping our finished products to the UK. Minimising transport routs where possible in the venture to reduce our carbon footprint.


      Our long lasting solutions means reduced manufacturing of replacement parts, resulting in less carbon being exposed in the air and not to mention minimal downtimes of your guest rooms.


      In the eventuality of a faulty product, we supply your hotel with spare parts for you to keep up to three years post installation.

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